Sunday 8 August 2010


Garry Leach again. This is the cover art for Warrior issue 10, April May 1983.


  1. fantastic character design and a fantastic cover ,i wish some one would do a art book of his work wonderful artist and a very nice chap too.

  2. I love Garry Leach's work. I know it's going back a bit: but (at the time) I was blown away by his art on the original run of the VCs in 2000AD.

    I've been thinking about sticking some Warpsmith pages of his up on here from Warrior. In fact, I've been mulling over putting a bit of Warrior stuff on here. There's stuff that appeared in it that probably hasn't seen the light of day since. But, I'm wondering if I'm heading into dodgey territory, copyright-wise if I do? As a fan, I'd LOVE to put the art out there for people to look at.