Friday, 30 March 2012

Kung Fu

Art by Martin Asbury. Look-in,  8th June 1974.

Kelly's Eye

Art by Tom Kerr. Knockout, 1st December 1962.

Annnd back to Ian Kennedy again! Maybe I should re-name this blog Kennedy's Korner or something? From September 11th 1976 issue of Bullet.

Roving Reporter

Art by Brian Lewis for the Eagle, dated 7th December 1963. Who said that comics can't be informative, eh? Interesting combination of art and photography.

The Steel Claw

Art by Jesus Blasco for the Valiant, dated 16th October 1965.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Johnny Samson

A bit of a contrast, Ian Kennedy art from the Buster, dated 15th August 1964.

Battle Wagons

Art by Ian Kennedy for the Warlord annual 1977.

The Battle for Britain

Art by John Stokes. Lion dated 11th December 1965.

The Gorilla Snatchers

Spot illustrations by Ionicus for the Eagle annual 1964.

Johnnie Wingco

Art by Mike Western.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Judge Dredd

Brian Bolland.

The ABC Warriors

Ah, Mike McMahon, your ever-changing art makes my knees explode with delight! Ahem. Moving along...

Check out his blog here.

A Job for Renown

Illustrations for a text story in the Daily Mail Boys Annual (mid sixties?) by Eric Parker.

The Light and Darkness War

Art by Cam Kennedy, October 1988.

Harry Secombe

Art by the great Roy Wilson. Film Fun dated 28th January 1961.