Saturday, 19 July 2014

Droid Atlas

Yet another parody. This time care of the 16th September 1978 issue of 2000AD. Art by Brendan McCarthy.

The Unprofessionals

Ron Tiner illustrates this parody of the TV series, The Professionals . Oink, dated 1st to 14th November 1986.

The Case of the Galloping Major

The great Frank Hampson provides the illustrations for this text story from the Eagle annual number 5 (1956?). Whenever I look at these illustrations I always marvel at the detail in the carpet. Insane or what?

The Spinball Wars

Art by Ron Turner. Battle, dated 1st September 1979.

Dan Dare

Dave Gibbons draws Dan Dare for the May 5th 1979 issue of 2000AD. The strip went in a bit of a strange direction after the more traditional space adventures of earlier issues with DD becoming a kind of superhero. As far as I remember this storyline was never concluded.