Saturday 14 August 2010


This is one of my favourite covers ever. It makes me wonder what Battle would have looked like with Mike McMahon as one of it's creators. I wonder what the story was behind MMcM drawing this cover? Maybe Rufus D could elaborate? There's another taste of WW2 art here and here from RD's collection of original comic art.


  1. Never seen this - it's brilliant!

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  3. Mick was asked about this and said that the arm and hand holding the rifle stock was redrawn by somebody else. Looking closely you can see it's different.

  4. Hey Ade.

    Yeah, I can see now that you mention it. But, they did a pretty good job of it because I never noticed it before. It'd be interesting to see what it originally looked like. That's the thing with pre-digital art, it's often just a patch over the top, so there's a chance to see the original underneath.

    I recently had a trip to Angoulême to the comics festival where there were many exhibitions of original comic art. It's so interesting to see older originals with paste-ups and white out on them. Two amazing exhibitions of Will Eisner and Hermann Huppen work.