Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Chance in a Million

Keith Watson illustrates this text story from the Boys' World annual 1969.

Jet Ace Logan

Some lovely space art by Brian Lewis. From Tiger, 4th November 1961. I love the thought and detail he's put into these pages, hence the blown-up frame below.

War Dog

In my opinion, Cam Kennedy is one of the last great adventure/war artists. His sci-fi work's not too bad either, with the original run of The VCs being one of my all-time favourite 2000AD strips. This particular strip is from Battle, 19th April 1980.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Starring... The Spider

Spot illustrations by Geoff Campion for the Lion annual 1969.

Tim Takes A Chance

Cecil Orr illustrates a prose piece for the Eagle annual 1961.

Doctor Who

I think this is John Canning. Illustrations from a text story, TV Comic annual 1979.

When Whalers Disagree

Mike Western. Tiger annual 1963.

The Silver Colt

Ian Kennedy provides some nice aviation art. Lion, June 19th 1965.

Nick Fury Agent of SHIELD

This is Steve Dillon at the beginning of his career. Apparently, he was only 16 when he started working for Marvel UK. Hulk Comic, March 28th 1979.

No Hiding Place

Art by Mike Western. TV Express, August 27th 1960.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Terry Thomas

I don't usually bother with 'humour', but I've always got time for Roy Wilson. This is from Film Fun dated 28th January 1961.

Billy's Boots

Like I mentioned earlier: I'm not keen on sports stories, but I do like John Gillatt's work.  From Lion and Tiger ('No.1 for Excitement!' Apparently.), 28th September 1985.

Zip Nolan

Art by Joe Colquhoun. Valiant (and Lion) 15th June 1974.

Robot Archie

Robot Archie and the Screaming Beetle: episode one. Art by Ted Kearon. Lion, 8th May 1965.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

D-Day Dawson

Some fine b&w adventure art from the assured hand of Geoff Campion. Battle, 24th May 1975.

Charlie's Choice

Brian Lewis utilises his humourous style for this 8th April 1967 issue of Smash!

Maroc the Mighty

Nice pen work from Don Lawrence. From Lion, 29th May 1965.


Cover art by Mike Dorey. I always felt a bit wary of the title 'Big Willi'. I think the editor's tongue was firmly in cheek with the 'Swing into action with Big Willi' by-line.... All it needs to push the strip completely over the edge is a character named, Fraulein Hooters.  Ooo, misses, now then....

Ahem, I don't get out much.

Kelly's Eye

Some gothic  naughtiness from Solano Lopez circa 17th April 1965. I've seen this particular Valiant strip reprinted in Vulcan in the 70s. I'd love to see it again. Any chance of another Albion book from Titan?

Sammy Brewster's Ski-Board Squad

Down to earth superheroics by Joe Colquhoun, from the 20th April 1974 edition of Buster.

Doctor Who Magazine

Classic Doctor, Patrick Troughton rendered by John Ridgeway.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Zigimar-Master Spy

Terry Patrick provides the fun for this WW1 adventure from The Hotspur January 21st 1967.

Wildfire the Untamed

Some Joe Colquhoun from back in the day. I think he also wrote this series too. From The Champion, dated February 16th 1954.

The Tough Game

I must admit that I was never that keen on sports stories myself. But, I was a fan of Jim Bleach: his work appeared quite regularly for both IPC and DCT.

The Great Thespius

John Gillat illustrates 'The Great Thespius's Christmas Caper' for the Tiger annual 1969.

Friday, 23 July 2010

The Kahn's Man

Francisco Fuentes Man provides the art for this new adventure appearing in the September 28th 1974 edition of Victor. It's funny how some things stick in the memory. I still remember this strip: it has an Ealing comedy feel to it and I could imagine Alec Guinness and/or Peter Sellers appearing in a movie version of it.