Saturday 7 August 2010

Garry Leach

Garry Leach provides an illustration for the first issue of Warrior magazine, March 1982. Ahhh, Warrior you still make the sexy love times to my mind after all this time....


  1. God, that 1st issue of Warrior was fantastic, wasn't it.

    I remember reading in a later issue that this was Garry's version of Mysta Mystralis. It's a fantastic image.

  2. He's good isn't he? He should go professional. ;)

    Warrior just rocked-didn't it? Now, that'd make a great reprint collection. I'm assuming it'd never happen because of copyright issues though.

  3. Hello all. Just stumbled across this...

    Staz - it was adapted into being Mysta Mystralis with a quick costume change by Garry. You know she was called "Mysta" because the writer, Steve Moore, envisaged her as a bloke! No, really... two guys in space.

    Course, that was in an age when editors opinions actually used to be listened to (being the purse-holding publisher too may have helped!). I saw it more as a Beauty and the Beast in Space strip, with the irony being that drop-dead gorgeous as the heroine was, the male hero was too much android to ever get anywhere. Ah, the untold depths of it all...