Thursday, 29 May 2014

A Day in the Life of Trans-Time

Brian Bolland illustrates a page from Fleshfile, a mini-booklet printed within the pages of 2000AD circa 1979. Not sure of the date as my copy's missing it's cover.

I think this idea's screaming out to be made into a movie. Something over-the-top in the same vein as Syfy's Sharknado.

First to Frisco

Illustrations to a prose story by Mike Western. Tiger annual 1963.

Judge Dredd

Bold cover art by Ron Smith circa November 1990.

Bionic Action

Ron Tiner art from a July 1979 edition of Look-In magazine.

Rogue Trooper

Back page illustration by Chris Weston from 2000AD dated 2nd February 1991.

Some old and some new (borrowed from the interweb). From Boom Comics upcoming, Big Trouble in Little China.

Check out the new Rogue Trooper from IDW comics.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Portugee's Ride

Art by Gerry Embleton for a prose story from the Eagle annual 1973.

A Ghastly Tale!

By Mike Western. Scream, dated 24th March 1984.

Professor Branestawm

From the wonderful pen of W. Heath Robinson, circa 1933.

Van Helsing's History of Horror

House of Hammer issue 7, January-February 1977. Art by Dave Gibbons.