Thursday 19 August 2010

Original art

Over on the Comic Book Auctions site there's an interesting mix of original art for sale. I thought I'd put a few images up for you to peruse:

Ken Reid (above)
John Burns
Frank Bellamy. It's interesting how some artists go 'beyond the call of duty' with their art. That first frame would have looked perfectly fine with TB 2's shadow as a solid. But FB must have spent a while creating those squiggles to give the frame a bit of extra 'oomph'! Something extra for the eye to dwell on...

Mick Anglo

Martin Asbury. Anyone know how MA created that bubbly texture behind Apollo in frame one and the planet in the last frame? Would it be something like soap or washing up liquid mixed in with the colour?


  1. Regarding the colour and texture in Martin Asbury's illustration: yes soap or dishwashing liquid would work, but they tend to dull the colour. Glycerine and dye is better; also, some boards have a heavy clay coating which causes colours to dry quickly. By applying the dye or paint loosely and rapidly one can gain a similar result.

  2. Hey.

    Thanks for the info. Very interesting. :)

    I like the way both MA and John Burns mixed things up a little with their layouts. While the rendition is not particularly 'realistic' their use of technique made the pages quite dynamic.

    I see that Archaia comics are reprinting both American and British versions of Space 1999 from the 70s: