Saturday 14 August 2010

Charley's War

A post Pat Mills Charley's War. Superlative art by Joe Colquhoun. Battle, 31st August 1985. Does anyone else feel that Titan should reprint this series after the WW1 episodes?


  1. Whilst Scott Goodall's WW2 story was never going to be the equal of Mills' WW1 original, I do think that it deserves a fresh look.

    A Charley Bourne, soul scarred by his Great War experiences, back on the battlefields of France; an older, more tired, less vital Charley Bourne; a Charley Bourne with a son of his own, a son in danger; well, there is certainly plenty of meat on that bone.

    So yes, a reprint would be great.

  2. ive just got the last book for xmas and have emailed titan about the ww2 stories , its what got me into charlies war and battle action force comic

  3. they are still resisiting collecting the WW2 stories! just a joke when they are releasing Tiger of Lime Street and Bella at the Bar !!!! go figure!!!!