Saturday 7 August 2010

Heros the Spartan

Frank Bellamy again. Eagle, 3rd October 1964. Next full moon I want everyone to gather in an open field, strip down to their cream and brown Y-Fronts; drink the sacred scrumpy and entreat the Ancients with this chant: Reprint! Reprint! Reprint!


  1. yep i would love to get this as a collected book ,i can't understand why it's not happened as fantasy and sword and sandle films are big again in hollywood so there is a demand ie gladiator, 300,clash of the titans

    Bellamy's art for me still looks exciting and fresh after all this time he really was the master at dynamic storytelling using light and shade to great effect.

    i would also love to see a collection of Wraith of the Gods as well ,i have never seen the complete story although i know Embelton and Burns where artists on it two top class illustrators of the craft of drawing comics.

  2. Ah, Wraith of the Gods. Way back in the mid 80s I saw a Ron Embleton page from this series on sale at a comic convention in London. I think it was on offer for £70.00? I didn't have that kind of cash on me, but I took the dealer's card. Of course I never bought it. I wish I had.