Monday, 21 February 2011


Art by John Worsley. 25th January 1957 edition of Eagle.

The Steel Claw

Jesus Blasco illustrates this weeks tale from the 30th October 1965 edition of Valiant. A nice hardback collection of Steel Claw is available.

2000Ad Sci-Fi Special

Cover art by Steve Dillon, 1988.

The Battle of Fort Otahu

Art by Gerry Embleton, Lion16th October 1965.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Muto Maniac

Art by Mike McMahon. Toxic dated 18th April 1991.

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Kampfgruppe Falken

Art by Luis Collado Coch. Warlord Special 1980.

The Galloping Gunners

Prose story illustration by Bill Holroyd, from Adventure, dated April 30th 1960.

Rockfist Rogan

Illustration for a text story by Geoff Campion. Lion, 28th May 1966.

Top Notch Career Begins at 15

Taken from an ad for the British army in 1960. Art by John Worsley.

Commando Jim

Art by Ian Kennedy.

The Unprofessionals

Ron Tiner. Oink!, 1st to 14th November 1986.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Home is the Sailor

Wonderful, wonderful art by John Ridgeway. Warrior issue 17, March 1984. I still remember reading this strip and the feeling of shock I felt seeing those last two frames. Such a touching story...

Go here to read another favourite war story of mine.

I wish the complete run of Warrior could be reprinted in it's entirety. It's never going to happen of course, because of the Marvelman/Miracleman debacle. Sigh!

The Bojeffries Saga

By Steve Parkhouse. Tundra Books 1992. Reprint edition of strips that originally appeared in Warrior between 1983/84. Ah, Warrior.... I loved you so much!

John Brody and the Fire Creatures

Brian Lewis. Boys' World 21st December 1963.

The Fists of Danny Pyke

John Burns from Eagle dated 19th November 1983.

Tuff Dawson

A prose story illustration by Mike Western. From lion dated 6th April 1963.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

The Hero

Some really nice linework by Ian Kennedy.  Eagle dated 12th November 1983.
I initially thought that this story was pretty naff, but then, thinking about it I could imagine someone actually attempting to do this from their back garden.


Kid Gloves

Geoff Campion illustrates this story from the Valiant dated 20th April 1963.
Makes me smile, the cod  'Injun' dialogue with lots of 'Ayee-ahhs!', 'Ayee!'s and 'Ugh!'s. Do I hear a 'Wah! Paleface!'?


Art by Cam Kennedy, Tornado, 11th August 1979.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Dez Skinn Dot Com

You should head over and have a dekko at Dez Skinn's ever-expanding website for an overview of his career in comics/publishing.  Head to the House of Hammer section for some lovely examples of Brian Lewis's art.  Hey, he's a favourite of mine. AND it's my Blog.

Anyway, moving along....

Lewis's agent approached DS looking for work for his client. DS remembering Lewis's work from the past reckoned it to be old fashioned. BL sent in this page as a reply, and the rest is history.

The House of Hammer

Dan Dare originals

Okay, let's start the New Year with a little bit of Dan Dare artwork. I was properly introduced to world of Dan Dare via the Dragon's Dream reprints of The Man From Nowhere in the late 70s/early 80s. To me, this is the pinnacle of Frank Hampson's work on Dare. I think that it still stands up pretty well, even today. Anyway, enough gushing or I'll have to go lie down....

Art well and truly nicked from here:

Empty your shekel jar and buy yourself a copy:

(No, still not receiving commission, although a freebie every now and again wouldn't go amiss, thank you very much.... Ahem.)

It's er, a bit quiet here innit?

I can hear crickets chirping. And look! A tumbleweed has just rolled by...

I assure you, dear reader, that normal service will resume soon.