Sunday 8 August 2010

How to Build a Dalek

A fine Frank Hampson illustration from the Radio Times Doctor Who 10th Anniversary Special 1973. I love the little details in the penwork: the fingers and Jon Pertwee's hair and the rendering of the round blobs on the foreground Dalek. I like the circuit board design in the architecture behind.

The image well and truly nicked from the Lost Characters of Frank Hampson site.


  1. Bloody great. Howzabout some Bellamy Doctor Who, too?

  2. Hey.
    Hm. Some Bellamy Who.... I don't think I have any in my collection, but I can probably forage some from somewhere.

  3. Can't quite find high res images, but here are some links to some Frank Bellamy Who illustrations:

    If anyone's interested there was book of Bellamy's Who work published quite a few years ago now: