Thursday 26 August 2010

Star Death

Art by John Stokes. I think this is from Doctor Who Monthly number 47 1980?


  1. That was written by big Alan Moore, wurnit?

  2. Quite correct. :)

    I wonder if there ever was a collection of these Who back-up stories? I remember some pretty cool art by David Lloyd, Paul Neary and Steve Dillon among others. I know Abslom Daak, Dalek Killer had a collection. But there were Dalek, Yeti and Cybermen shorts from the weekly and then the monthly.

  3. Probably all kinds of rights issues between Marvel and the BBC. Who owns what? Alan Moore used the Special Executive again in the Marvel Universe in Captain Britain, etc.

  4. I would suspect that at the end of the day the BBC own the 'straight' Who stories. Panini Books have been reprinting the regular Who adventures from the Marvel weekly/monthly. Anything else that has murky rights issues probably just gets ignored...

  5. Was just thinking about it. It was odd editorial policy for Marvel UK to let Moore use the Special Executive on a non-Who strip. I guess the main thing is that back then they didn't expect the strips to have a longer shelf-life than the issue they were initially printed in. There wasn't a trade paperback market was there?

    "Eee, 'th woild were't a diff'nt place back then me lad. I remember when...."

    Etc etc etc. ;)