Monday, 28 March 2011

Britain in Chains

Art by Geoff Campion. Lion, 4th July 1964.

The Battlers from the Black Cloud

Art by CD Bagnall, for the September 11th 1976 edition of Victor. Completely bonkers!

Bruce Kent Invites You

Art by Pat Nicolle, Lion dated 11th February1961.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Doctor Who

Art by Frank Bellamy, Radio Times 4th April 1971. I , ahem, 'borrowed' these from Alan Davis' site. Head over there for more examples of Frank Bellamy's art, sketches, roughs, unfinished pieces and much more! Ooo, the excitement! 'Nurse. The screens please. I feel an attack of the knerds coming on!'

Swash and Buckle

By Cecil Orr, Swift annual 1961.

The Depths of Fear

Reg Gray illustrates a text story in Boys' World annual 1965.

Heros the Spartan

Art by Frank Bellamy. Eagle dated 14th September 1963.


By Geoff Campion, Action dated 28th May 1977.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Charley's War

A Joe Colquhoun original. Not mine unfortunately. More here.

Ian Kenedy art

A gorgeous piece of original of original art by Ian Kennedy found here.

Winker Watson

Came across this original while I was searching for info about Eric Roberts. Info about ER here.

Some more ER work here. Go here for more original art.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Keith Watson

An illustration by Keith Watson that appeared in a Society of Strip Illustration publication in the 1980s. Go here for original posting.

Go here for some examples of KW's 60s Dan Dare work:

Operation Earth-Saver

Operation Fireball

Bill Duggan-Sapper Sergeant

Text story illustration by Bill Lacey. Lion dated 10th April 1965.


Ah, here you go dear reader. Like most people (back in the day)  I had a hankering to become a comics artist. Here's a link to some of my own work. No sniggering at the back there!

Marney the Fox

More texture-tastic work from John Stokes. Buster & Cor!!, 28th December 1974.

The Red Knights of Morda

Insanely detailed pen work by Don Lawrence, Lion dated 10th April 1965.

One Against the Kondors

Art by Keith Watson. Hotspur and Crunch, February 9th 1980.

Red Star Robinson

Art by Terry Patrick.

Peg-Leg's Flying Penguins

Art by Joe Colquhoun. Tiger & Hurricane, 24th February 1968.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Sinbad Simms

Eric Roberts, Knockout, February 8th 1958.

Sergeant Rayker

More texture-tastic art from Mike Dory. Warlord, April 9th 1983.

Maxwell Hawke

Eric Bradbury, 12th May 1962 edition of Buster.

The Ironclad Bushranger

Text piece illustration by Bill Lacey. Lion dated 19th January 1965.


Harry North provides visuals for the first issue of Target, 14th April 1978.