Monday 23 August 2010

The Tomorrow People

Art by John Burns. Look-In 28th July 1973.


  1. Thanks for that hit on the nostalgia pipe! Look-In wasn't my first comic, but it was the one my parents approved of, and therefore bought for me every week, whereas anything else was a struggle to convince them to buy.

  2. No worries Mark. If there's anything else you'd like to see just drop me a line.

  3. I loved the artwork for these Look-In comic strips. Absolutely superb! My favourite strips were Tomorrow People and Space:1999.
    I'd love to see a compilation book for each of the TV show comic strips from Look-In. I would happily buy one for Space:1999, Bionic Woman, Tomorrow People and Sapphire & Steel for starters!

  4. Yeah, you'd think there'd be an interest for those strips. Maybe you should drop a request to Prion Books? They've already published Look-in: The Best of the 70s and 80s books.

    I remember Arthur Ranson illustrating The Beatles story in strip form. Would like to see that again.