Wednesday 10 April 2013


Ah, Warrior... I miss you. Do you miss me?

Art by Steve Parkhouse. April 1984.


  1. Hi, good to see you posting artwork again. Any chance of some Bill and Albert Holroyd artwork please? Is it possible to identify each brother's artwork easily, as I believe they both had a similar style. Thanks Adrian.

  2. Hey Adrian.

    I was looking at some Bill Holroyd's serious, non-cartoony stuff the other day, so chances are there'll be some up soon. I may put one of Alert's Thingummy Blob strips on here because they are quite mad/surreal.

    Hm, that's an interesting question. I think their cartoony style of drawing is quite different, but when they draw 'realistically' they seem a bit similar. Although, if you compared pages next to each-other I think it'd be readily obvious.

    Here's a link to Peter Gray's site so people can see the work of who we're talking about:

  3. Oh, forgot to say thanks for the kind words. Hopefully I can post more regularly in future. Although, at the momemnt the old iMac has had a brain-fart and is at the doctors. So, defeated by technology...

  4. When are you going to get back to blogging here? You are missed!

  5. Hey.

    I'm missed? Aw, thanks. :)

    Hm, yeah, it has been a while, eh? Had a pretty busy time of it over the last (gulp, year) what with work, family and what-not. I'll try and get back into it again on a regular basis.

    It's nice to know that people enjoy the blog. :)