Thursday 4 April 2013

The High Ways

"Hold on a minute, this isn't British comic art!"  you say. And you'd be (sorta) right. John Byrne was born in West Bromwich and when he was 8 his family emigrated to Canada. He's a big star in American comics but he's quite a fan of Dan Dare and the Eagle. After his family had emigrated his aunt sent him bundles of Eagle comics from the UK. Anyway, I was looking at the first issue of The High Ways and what do I spot in one of the lockers where the guy is suiting up? I see a Space Fleet helmet. Cool, eh?

Art above by Chris Weston.


  1. it reminds me an old story in a Warren mag, drawn by no one but Al Williamson, and in this story the character used to travel in a DanDare space ship, a one created by Keith Watson .
    Bedrock Son

  2. Yeah, I think that Al Williamson was a Dan Dare fan. Interestingly enough, I was planning on putting up some examples of his Flash Gordon art from the 60s where some Space Fleet ships make an appearence. I think I have a collection of his Warren stories where that story appears.