Wednesday 10 April 2013

Flash Dare

Flash Dare,  Ah! Aaah! Uh, space pilot of the universe! (Or something like that). File this under "Copying" and  "Flattery", I guess? Anyway, it seems that Al Williamson (no slouch in the art department himself) was a bit of a Dan Dare fan and included elements in his own strips copied Dan Dare strips published in the Eagle in the 1960s. These examples coming from Flash Gordon, number one from September 1966. I wonder where he got the copies of Eagle from? I assume it might have been available in Canada? Anyone know?


Art by Don Harley

Art by Frank Bellamy

Art by Don Harley


  1. I'm glad you noticed my Facebook posting and am flattered by YOUR plagiarism and of course will NOT sue as you have a link to my blog up there at the top :-)
    Best wishes

  2. No plagiarism involved Norman: just coincidence.