Friday 19 June 2009

Scoop Donovan-War Cameraman

Ron Turner provides Scoop Donovan art for this issue of Film Fun dated, 24th June 1961. In my opinion Turner wasn't a war artist. He had a great style, but his mind wasn't really set to the subject matter. By that I mean that he hasn't really researched the strip all that well. The weapons/uniforms/equipment are an approximation rather than being realistic. What he was really suited to (and excelled in) was sci-fi. He was a master of the hi-tech future.
I like how he renders Scoop's right arm and body as he's swimming under water in the last frame of page one-how it loses definitition and becomes a series of lines. See how he renders things as they recede into the distance like the German artillary and landing craft in frames 10 and 11 on page 2.

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