Saturday 27 June 2009

The Hotspur annual 1976

Ron Smith provides a cover depicting Nick Jolly, an 18th century highwayman, who's transported into the 20th century by an 'amazing Time Ray, which had also transformed his trusty mare, Bess, into a jet-propelled horse of steel'. Apparently....

No, this isn't the original art. For some reason I thought it'd be interesting to see it sans text, so I did a little PShop jiggery-pokery. Yep, I don't get out much.....

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  1. Brilliant, I had and still have that annual i think.

    Christmas annual, waking up about 3 in the morning sneaking downstairs, standing wide eyed play with the toys a bit then lift the annuals and sweets and go back to bed and read them for an hour before waking up on Christmas day. Great memories.