Wednesday 17 June 2009

Paddy Payne

Some colour work by Joe Colquhoun for the Lion annual 1965. I'm pretty sure that JC has put himself in there as the ship's captain talking to Paddy in frame three on page one.


  1. My subscription to Lion ceased when I left home in 1968 to join the Army. Growing up in an Australian country town, from the time I was 12 I read Lion every week. Delivery from England wasn't reliable at our newsagent in those days, and sometimes there was a gap of a few weeks, then 3 or 4 would arrive at once. I credit Lion with getting me started as a reader. I have 3 university degrees, but I still miss Lion. Who knows what turns you into the sort of person you grow up to be, but Paddy Payne had a huge influence on me.

    I'm a kiwi and read lion every week. Paddy was the hero. I went on to become a journalist for my sins. I still miss Lion magazine

  3. You could sell them I suppose?

    There's who do online auctions. Or there's who sell collections.