Thursday 25 June 2009

Fraser of Africa

By Frank Bellamy for the Eagle dated 15th October 1960. In this series Bellamy took the unusual step of doing away with full colour and utilising a limited palette to evoke the heat and dust of the African plains.


  1. Hi
    I've only just found your blog. I love the Bellamy illustrations and the way you've combined them together. The Fraser has come out a bit green which a shame, but your Eagle cover of his work is beuatifully scanned,

  2. Hey Norman.
    Point taken about the colour. Because of their size, I have to scan the Eagle pages in two pieces and stitch them back together in PShop. For some reason the scans came out with differing colour schemes and I had to try to adjust them to fit together neatly. It went a little awry this time around... Sorry about that, it doesn't do the artwork justice. I'll have another crack at it sometime in the future.

    I like your site by the way. Thanks for dropping me a line, it's nice to know there are people checking it out.


  3. Did a re-scan. Hopefully this one is better?