Thursday 14 October 2010

The Steel Claw

Jesus Blasco, Valiant dated 11th November 1967.


  1. Thank you very much. The steel claw comic hero is my favorite. Do you have details of his series? - Venu

  2. Hey.

    Thanks for dropping by. More info on the Steel Claw here:

    You can buy a collection here:

  3. I'll put up some more Claw in the near future.


  4. Thanks a lot for the info. - Venu

  5. Wow Great. This Steel Claw character illustrated stories were translated into Telugu (More than 10 Crore people speak this language in India and it is The Single Largest Spoken language in India). I have only two books of this Hero.

    Can you tell me whether we can get PDF files somewhere in the Net??!!

  6. Hey.

    It's so interesting to hear that these characters travelled so far and wide.

    There are copies of Valiant (in which SC appeared) available out there. Best guess is to try a Google search?

  7. I remember The Steel Claw and Janus Stark from
    Valiant back when I was a teenager, and of the
    two strips, only one, in my opinion, could make a successful television series, and that would be The Steel Claw. It would make a great TV series, because all you'd need would be first-class actors, producers, writers, directors, and somebody aware of the story of Louis Crandell. I'm surprised the BBC haven't adapted it for television, given they no longer have Torchwood, since it was axed.