Tuesday 12 October 2010

El Mestizo

By Carlos Ezquerra. Battle dated 25th June 1977. In an interview conducted a few years ago CS was asked: 

Of all the strips you've been part of over the years, which one would you most like to bring back if you could?

I wouldn't mind to bring back El Mestizo, it appeared in Battle with Alan Hebden script, about a black guy caught in the middle of the American civil war, he wasn't very popular (a black hero in the earlier seventies!) but I think it was a nice character.


  1. Totally forgot that strip existed until I saw a page of it in the big Ezquerra interview in the last 3 issues of the Meg. Titan should collect that 'un, too.

  2. When this ran in Battle I hated it. It wasn't WW1 or WW2, why was it in Battle? It didn't belong! I was quite outraged... I think other readers felt the same, because it never returned after it's initial run. It's a shame really because they should have done more historical stuff, it might have helped the comic's longevity in the long-run.

    Not sure if a collection on it's own would sell, but if it was included in an Esquerra collection, sandwiched inbetween Major Eazy and The Rat Pack, I think it'd go down well...

    Oh yeah, while I'm thinking about it: I hear Carlos has been through some major surgery lately, so my thoughts go out to him and I hope he has a speedy recovery.

    I have some more El Mestizo lined-up and ready to go sometime this week.

  3. Oh yeah. Maybe you should approach these guys:


    They're reprinting Hookjaw. Maybe when that's finished they could use suggestions for another strip? ;)