Saturday 9 October 2010

Dan Dare

An original piece of art by Keith Watson. You'll find it living here.

A nice opening page for this weeks episode. Although, personally, I feel there was something lacking in KW's work on Dan Dare when compared to Hampson and Bellamy. Hampson was the great technician, you could imagine those spaceships really flying. Bellamy made the whole thing so damn dynamic and exciting. To me KW fell inbetween both camps. He could draw the hardware at times, but then there's an emptiness to some of his frames, whereas Hampson would have some wonderful doo-hicky, or some thoughtful piece of architecture in the background. With Bellamy, his characters were caught off-balance and always on the move. KW's people seem to mime the movements. Don't get me wrong, I love Keith Watson's work, but there is something 'missing' in his Dare work. It might just be the simple fact that he didn't have the time to take the time, with pressures of deadlines etc. Although, when you compare this work to some of his contemporaries, this art knocks the ball out of the field. It's all relative innit, Guv?

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