Wednesday 24 February 2010

Charlie of the Chimps

A change of style for Joe Colquhoun. Not particularly PC, but valid, non-the-less as a snapshot of the attitudes of the time. From Lion, 19th June 1965.


  1. Wow! I knew he did humour really well in the adventure strips but this is amazing! even with it being a 'cartoony' style he stills puts in the effort that many artists don't - the detail and 'realism' in the vehicles is staggering. Keep up the Colquhoun uploads!

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Joe Colquhoun's one of my favourites so there'll be more on here.

    Don't forget that Titan books have (or will soon) release(ed) a Johnny Red collection:

  3. Love this blog. Any new page of Ron Turner? Maybe Rick Random? Thanks!

  4. Hey Maurizio.
    You like Ron Turner's work-eh? Hm, the only Rick Random stuff I have is from Super Detective Library which is quite long. I could do it, but it will take a while. Have you seen this collection:

    More Ron Turner pages on my old web site: