Wednesday 24 February 2010

Captain Winston Bulldog

I kind've ummed and ahhed about this one. Way back in the day (the early 80s) I had delusions of becoming a comics artist (As you do). I became involved with a young writer/artist named Jason Cobley. Over the years I drew a few adventures of this character which appeared in the Small Press comic Bulldog Adventure Magazine (BAM), which ran from 1993-2005. A while back Jason published a rather spiffing collection of Bulldog stories which, I may add, is still available to purchase.  The other day I was looking for some comics to put up on this blog when I came across a pile of BAMs. Flicking through them I was quite surprised at the amount of my work that had appeared in the magazine. Most of it was not reprinted in the aforementioned book. I'm still pleased with some of the work I did and I'm debating whether to put up some of it here as part of this article. It is sorta/kinda British comics even if it's not in the traditional sense. This is my blog, but do I use it as a platform to inflict my 'art' on you? Is it a valid addition? I shall mull it over...

Bulldog lives on an alternative earth where humans, animals and vegetables have evolved at the same time. So, as well as the aforementioned Winston Bulldog you have walking/talking carrots and potatoes. Take this and mix in a bit of Ealing films, Battle and Warlord; The Magnificent Men in Their Flying machines, the Goons and Coronation Street. A little eccentric and quite British in character.


  1. Like you said it's your blog - go for it!
    I like the cover so far.

  2. Yes, put it on the blog by all means... as for the rest of your Bulldog stuff: it's going in VOLUME 2!!!

  3. Ooo, Volume 2? I'm gonna be famous!! ;)