Friday 29 May 2009

Jet-Ace Logan

Art by the fabulous Brian Lewis, Tiger Annual 1965. I like BL's style. Sometimes it could be a little hit-or-miss and look a little rushed. Could be blamed on deadlines or lack of interest in subject matter... But when he was firing on all cylinders he produced some outstanding work. Check out his Hammer adaptations here. More of his work on my old site here. His work appeared in both 2000AD and Starlord just before he died. I wish he'd stayed around longer so that his work could have been recognised by a new generation of fans.


  1. Hello!

    I apolazige for I write you but I'm interested to know in what story of Jet Logan, is this scene:
    One member of the crew have a box language translator in his back.
    The member of the crew speack and the box make the translation in real time and going saying on other language.
    I'm interested on buy this story, but I don't know if the heroe is Jet-Ace Logan or another one, neither what is the name of the story.
    Thanks for your help
    Jose Pereira

  2. Hi Jose.

    I am unsure what story this might be from. Universal translators are a staple of most science fiction stories.

    Do you have any other information about the strip? What comic you saw it in or the year? Or do you have any images or links to the internet I could view?


  3. Hi.
    I read the story on the 70s, maybe 1971 ou 1972, and Rick Random are not because I have the whole collection from it. I think perhaps Jet-Ace Logan, I dont see any other one. I haven't any other thought because passed many years. Thanks a lot.

  4. Hi.
    Please, see Jet Ace Logan, Seven went to Sirius, but I'm not sure. Many thanks for you help me on this search. Jose

  5. Hello again.
    Today I gone to a library in my town and bingo, I saw the story (in portuguese). And the name is "Seven went to Sirius". I read this story many years ago and after all who had the translator box was the inhabitant of the planet and not the members of the crew. Thanks anyway.

  6. Hello
    For decades I have been looking for a comic strip story I saw in about 1965 about telekinetic aliens moving their world through space. It may well be a Jet Ace Logan story, but I'm not sure. Could you help me identify the particular strip? Please?