Sunday 24 May 2009

Battle of the Planets

From TV Comic 17th April 1981. Former Dan Dare artist Keith Watson provides colour art for this strip adaptation of the animated series Battle of the Planets.


  1. blimey i never knew this , one of my fav teen cartoon shows drawn by one of my fav artists :-)

  2. Thanks for dropping by Jon.

    I need to put some more KW art on here. There's quite a lot of b&w work he did for DC Thomson in the 70s. He also produced some new Dan Dare stories in the Eagle in the 80s.

    I'll have to have a rummage in me gander bag.

  3. I remember Battle of the Planets too. What was the other one? Marine boy? And the puppet one: Starfleet? Anyone hear this:

    Sorry, rambling.... ;)