Tuesday 19 May 2009

Fishboy-Denizen of the Deep

From Buster 15th May 1971 art by John Stokes. Like Denis Mc Loughlin, John Stokes put a lot of detail and texture into his pages. Go here for more information.


  1. Love the bubble writing he did..a great Buster strip..wonder what the ending was like?
    Your blog is really expanding really quickly great to see and I'll keep coming back for more

  2. I wish this comic will make for movie... someday.
    This was a great story i've ever read when i was a child...

  3. Anyone knows how to get this books now ?

  4. Hey.
    You could try looking on EBay? I know some people offer runs of old comics on CD/DVD. That might be cheaper than trying to track down the original comics?