Wednesday 15 August 2012

The Killer in the Cab

I never read much about John Richardson, and yet he worked regularly for both DC Thomson and IPC in the 70s and 80s. Usually, he employed a more cartoony style, but he could do the straight stuff when needed. In this, Alan Moore's first work for 2000AD he seems to be channeling  Frank Bellamy.  Sorry about the quality of the scans they're not mine. From 2000AD dated 26th July 1980.

Small bio from John Richardson's website:

It was after studying at Art College that John Richardson decided to become a cartoonist and illustrator and his first professional work was providing strip cartoons for popular children's comics in the UK (eg. Bunty, Hotspur, 2000AD). John was also writing and illustrating his own strips in various magazines, 'Super CC' for 'Custom Car' magazine, 'Tina Tailpipe' for 'Superbike' magazine and 'Lunar Jetman' for 'Crash' magazine, all of which ran for many years. Newspaper work has included the 'Amanda' strip which appeared in the 'Sun'.

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