Sunday 12 August 2012


Art by John M Burns. Well and truly nicked from here.

More Eartha art at Alan Davis's site.

More John Burns here and here at Lew Stringer's blog.


  1. Lovely work. Would love to see this reprinted in book form...


  2. Hey Martin.

    I don't know much about Eartha. It (initially) appeared as a half page in a Sunday newspaper supplement. I have a vague idea that it was never finished, or the story was curtailed pretty quickly. I could be wrong of course.
    Having two episodes per page would make a fairly compact collection.

  3. The story was finished, but several episodes didn't get distributed to all the readers because of a (printing?) strike. Only a certain number of the supplements were sent out and, unfortunately, this collector didn't get one. I've never forgotten Eartha.

  4. I collected a load of the Earths strips and put them into an album at the time, (where I think they still are in my loft somewhere)