Thursday 14 June 2012

Original artwork

If you head over to Comic Book Auctions you'll find a treasure-trove of goodies up for offer.
(In a Spike Milligan voice) "Ah, I see you bought the whole collection? SO rich!!"

Some of the pieces on offer:

 Sexton Blake Library 736 cover art  by Eric Parker (1941).

Beryl The Peril by David Law for The Topper (1950s).

Leo Baxendale talks about Davey Law in his book, 'A Very Funny Business', ( a great book, by the way) about how DL agonised/laboured over his pages. The art 'looked' simple, but the images didn't flow out of the artist so easily. It's kinda evident when looking at the patches pasted all over this original.

'Branded' original cover artwork (1960) by Nino Caroselli from Thriller Picture Library 302

Captain Condor by Keith Watson from Lion 7 Oct 1961. I really like the spaceship design.

Eartha, (early 1980s) episode 6 drawn by Jon M Burns for The News Of The World Sunday Colour Magazine.


  1. Wow that Beryl one with the teachers face hair on fire!!! Quite extreem..
    nice seeing the original..

  2. The john Burns piece is brilliant thanks for sharing...martin

  3. No worries Martin. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog.

  4. I've never heard of Eartha. What was that about?