Friday 8 June 2012

Jet-Ace Logan

I love Geoff Campion's spaceships in this strip. So improbable (compared to the fully-realised versions in Dan Dare which ran at the same time in the Eagle) and yet they give the strip a certain charm. This is from The Comet, dated October 6th 1956.


  1. Fantastic, Jet Ace one of my favourites from my Younger days along with Dan Dare + Captain Condor. It would be nice if someone published all of Jet Ace Logan stories from the Comet and Tiger, I keep looking but it all looks in vane. Brilliant site, I look forward to all your Posts. Kind Regards.

  2. Hey Anon.

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Yeah, a Jet-Ace collection would be nice, eh?

  3. Oddly enough, each time you read through the Jet-Ace Logan strips the more you appreciate just how good the script-plotting was, first by David Motton then by Frank S Pepper, as well as the highly personalised artwork from the ever-realiable John Gillatt. Excellent stuff...

  4. Yeah, John Gillatt kinda gets over-looked doesn't he? And yet he has an appealing style that lends itself to so many genres. I'll have to put some more of his work up here.