Sunday 6 March 2011


Ah, here you go dear reader. Like most people (back in the day)  I had a hankering to become a comics artist. Here's a link to some of my own work. No sniggering at the back there!


  1. I took a look at your stuff and I thought it was pretty good.

    The Bulldog '10 thing I suspect was an early attempt at using the more sophisticated Photoshop style shading technique, (maybe on an even earlier drawing), because it seems more cluttered and overcrowded.

    I'd continue using the shading, though, because in the zombie stuff, (which's very reminiscent of Manga, to me), you can clearly see you're mastering it to the degree you're not only augmenting the image but you're using it to create atmosphere.

    At this stage I'd've said your greatest strength was you're what I call a good page man, i.e., either consciously or unconsciously, you're concerned with making the whole page work, (whereas some guys are great panel people, but their panels don't necessarily work together as a whole page).

    The best piece, for me, though, is the Halloween one: sophisticated use of colour; sophisticated use of light effects, etc.; sophisticated shading; cleverly angled shots; but most important of all, really interesting, really strong panels with a real 3D recessiveness to them; and all of them working together to make for a great page, (reminding me, a tweak, of Steve Dillon!).

    But - hey! - that's just my opinion!

  2. Cheers. Thanks for the thoughful feedback-it's much appreciated!