Sunday 13 March 2011

Heros the Spartan

Art by Frank Bellamy. Eagle dated 14th September 1963.


  1. It would be SOOOOOO nice to see this masterpiece finally collected in one sumptuous volume.

    Lovely spread - many thanks for posting this.

    I'd nominate Heros along with Fraser of Africa as Bellamy's finest strip work ever.

    Still got my copy of Fantasy Advertiser where a couple of young comic fans by name of Dez Skinn and Dave Gibbons interviewed the great man at length.

  2. Hey Peter.

    A Heros collection would be cool-eh? Maybe your next project? ;)
    I loved the way Bellamy used a limited colour palette on Fraser, it was a pretty brave move because I'm sure editorial would initially have looked on it as a 'waste' of colour.

    Fraser page here:

    You should put the Bellamy interview up on your site. I'm sure there are many out there (myself included) who'd like to read it.

  3. Well Crow having now got my hands on the Wulf book and seen that these things can be done and made to look fresh and lively rather than reproductions of reproductions, Heros would be a great follow up project.

    We shall see what if anything transpires ...

    In the meantime regarding that Bellamy interview, I am afraid that I cannot post it. I did ask Dez Skinn who is a really helpful and enthusiastic guy, but both he and Dave Gibbons hold the copyright to this and they are a bit reluctant to seeing this go out on the web for the moment.

    Many thanks for posting that link, the good thing about both these strips is that there is a lot of the original artwork that is accessible - unlike Wulf where the bulk of the boards have simply vanished into the ether.