Saturday 4 September 2010

Air Ace

Ooo, I just love the interweb. You go looking for one thing and then you come across something else.

Here's some original art by Ian Kennedy for Air Ace Library no. 65, 'Steel Bats', from August 1961 and Air Ace #362 respectively.


  1. Where did you find these stunning Kennedy covers ? I usually only find cover scans.

  2. Hm, can't remember the name of the site. It was some forum about the 1940s. I think I did a Google search initially. Just looking in the image search.

    This is a cool site for original art:

    It's mostly American art but there's quite a bit UK/European stuff in there.

  3. Hey:) My dad worked on Defiants as a fitter.
    Not often you see one.

  4. I bet he had some tales to tell!

    Unusual aeroplane. I think that they were pretty easy to shoot down once peole got wise to the turret. Bet initially it gave some people a nasty shock when they flew up behind it!