Thursday 10 September 2009

HMS Nightshade

I've lost the cover from this one. I think its from a November 1978 edition of Battle. This is an interesting strip. To enable Mike Western to produce enough pages per week another artist was engaged as an inker to help him out. I'm pretty sure it was Ron Tiner who inked the last two pages. I still recall, that as a kid, I could tell that something was not quite right with the artwork. RT is a fine artist in his own right, but his rendering is quite scratchy compared to MW's solid blacks. Although, I shouldn't be so quick to find fault: you never know what kind of deadline pressure RT might have been under to finish the art...

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  1. I've recently been rereading through Battle from the beginning, and have just got onto the HMS Nightshade issues - I've definitely read bits and bobs of the story before, but I don't remember having gone through the whole run before.

    Anyway - as soon as I read your comment about there being a different inker for the second two pages of each episode, everything made sense! It is so recognisably Mike Western, and yet not...

    Cheers for putting me out of my misery! (Why do you say Ron Tiner, though?)