Thursday 10 September 2009

Battle cover

Jim Watson provides the cover for this issue. It's interesting to see how many artists present their work. There are those who can actually draw, those who can sorta draw and those who wing-it. Watson falls into the latter category. He has a great style, but he can't actually draw. His anatomy is quite dodgy at times. It's almost like he learned how to draw faces but then couldn't be bothered with everything else. His style disguises this fact. It doesn't really matter does it? He had a long career. People must have liked his work, or else he wouldn't have been in the industry for so long. I actually like his war strips and think there's a grittiness to his art that suits war stories.


  1. Hi, Thnaks for this interesting blog on British Comics. I quite liked Jim Watson, his work was unsual but effective.Like you said he had a way of pulling it off, with his drawing. I liked his TV21 Zero X illustrations and he also covered many Captain Scarlet episodes, as well as annuals, the Angels story book annual being one. Paul

  2. Hey Paul.

    Thanks for the kind words and the extra info about Jim Watson.

    I squirm a bit re-reading what I wrote about him. In hindsight it sounds kinda callous. I enjoyed his war-orientated work (Stuff like D-Day Dawson and Panzer G-Man) and I like his use (and application) of colour.