Tuesday 28 July 2009


If you head over to Lew Stringer's blog you'll find some Brian Lewis art.
I still remember meeting LS upstairs in the back-issue department of Nostalgia and Comics in Birmingham in the early 80s. A young Crow overhears a conversation between a customer and a member of staff. Twigs that the person standing at the counter is non other than the publisher of a fanzine entitled Fantasy Express. One issue of said 'zine having a rather spiffing interview with Joe Colquhoun, one of my all time favourite artists. Feeling very nervous and a little over-awed by meeting a 'major-league' member of Fandom, Crow approaches and the ensuing 'conversation' takes place. Please note: I'm utilising a faux 'Mid-Lund aksunt' for comic effect:

Crow. Excuse me chap? Bin yow Leo Stringah?

LS. 'LEW' Stringer. Ar, I bin.

Crow. Oi think Fantasy Express is bostin'!

LS. Ta.

Crow. I loik old Brutish coimics too. I thunk they're luv loi.

LS. Ar. Right...

Awkward silence, they look at each-other. Silence, a pause, both blink at each-other a few times, then Crow absent mindedly wanders off to look at the back issues... The end.

To paraphrase the Floyd song: tongue-tied and twisted just an earth-bound misfit/fan-boy...

Normal service will resume shortly.

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