Saturday 18 July 2009

Frankie Stein

Ken Reid provides the insanity for this post from the Wham! annual 1966. As you can probably guess from reading this blog I have a bias towards adventure strips. I recollect reading the Beezer as a kid. It was over-size in the early seventies wasn't it? I remember struggling to turn the pages. Sorry, I digress. Anyway, apart from the odd issue of the Beano and Sparky I seemed to gravitate towards the adventure titles: Hotspur, Victor, then Warlord and Battle then 2000AD. I always felt that a lot of the humour titles actually weren't all that funny... Moving along. I was reading this annual in bed the other night and I thought this lunatic strip was wonderful enough for me to break 'tradition'. Ken Reid WAS special wasn't he? I think that if he had lived in France or the States he'd have been lauded as a genius.

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