Sunday 24 July 2016

Battlestar Galactica

First episode of a British version Of Battlestar Galactica. Colour art by Martin Asbury for Look-In, dated 10th October 1979. I love his use of texture and the way he portrays space behind Galactica in the opening frame.

 Here's a piece of original Asbury art from the same series.

Cover for the issue by Arnaldo Putzu. Some more covers here.


  1. Lovely art indeed. Look-In had some great strips in its time. Shame about the direction it took in its last few years.

  2. I was only an occasional reader myself, but I remember picking this particular issue off the shelf in the paper shop because of the cover. With it being printed on glossy paper the art just leapt off the page. And what a great roster of artists over the years too!