Sunday 9 November 2014

The Chronicles of Genghis Grimtoad

Art by John Bolton. Strip, dated 29th September 1990.


  1. Good day,
    I chanced upon your very extensive blog on British comics. Can I please ask for your help in remembering a childhood comic that I read in the 1980s? I think it was a British comic but it might also be American.

    It's a black and white comic book about the civilian life of a teenage? boy during ww2. He has to find shelter, find food alone. A scene that I can remember was that a shop keeper wrapping food in newspapers for the boy. The boy also found work at a jetty?

    Searches on the Internet came up blank. I think it is because it was a non hero, non super hero comic that no one ever mentions it.

  2. Hi HG.
    Sorry, it doesn't ring a bell. Maybe you could try the Comics UK forum? Someone will probably be able to help you there. Just give as much information about the strip that you can remember.

  3. I tell you what guys, you've just hit upon an interesting point there, and that is how utterlly super hero centric modern comic book culture is. I love the artwork and all the colours and excuberance of comic book art, but I just can't get into most super hero stories. I just get bored of it all. And yet I see very little of alternative comic books in the shops, even the specialist outlets. The last comics I bought were 'Seconds' by Bryan lee Omally and 'Adelle blanc sec 1-4 by Jaques Tardi. None of which were 'super' themed as such. And I had to use amazon to get them. You cant even get Love and Rockets in the shops now. The most underground comic ive bought in the last year was 'Adventure Time'! Whats going on?