Friday 6 April 2012


Cover by Matias Alonso.


  1. Again, rereading through Battle - just up to Alonso's stint on The Sarge - great stuff! So different to Mike Western's, yet they both manage to bring a whole lot of intensity to the strip.

    Alonso with his mad, kinetic scenes, his trademark 'lunge' framing, his never-shy-with-the-black inkiness... Beautiful!

  2. He had quite a slick style. Very 'flowy' linework. Kinda feminine in a way too. If that makes sense? Reminds me of Burne Hogarth and Alex Raymond (or any of those artists from the 40s and 50s). The way they drew hair and clothing: the hair swirling in water and the clothes are all made of silk...

    Looks back at the guy hacking the crocodile to death. Or maybe not... ;)

    He sure stood out from the more traditional artists, especially in the DCT titles.

    I must find out the Dan Dare strip he drew for an early 70s Eagle annual. It's a very strange mash-up between Dare and Thunderbirds.