Sunday 31 January 2010

The Leopard from Lime Street

It's an interesting mix of Stan Lee and Charles Dickens: "Lorks oh lordy, bless 'ee young hero me lad. With great power, comes great responsibility. Cor blimey..." Or something along those lines...
I was never much of a fan of Buster, but I do like Mike Western's work. This is from Buster dated 27th March 1976.


  1. I loved this particular comic, couldn't get enough of it as a kid!! pity they were always so short and appeared only in every other issue.

  2. It's quite interesting to note that when people talk of what they'd like to see reprinted, Leopard is nearly always mentioned. I guess it's kind of unusual-most UK originated superheroes tended to be adult. I can only think of Billy the Cat being school-age. Maybe that's why people are so fond of him-as kids they could identify with him and wanted to be that character?

  3. I love the bit about him having the super vision of a cat: every cat I've ever had - and I've had loads over five plus decades - has been as blind as a bat; even the one we've got now, you place its food in front of it and it not only can't SEE it - it can't even SMELL it!

    The other bit I love is by becoming a cat-boy hybrid, he suddenly develops the fashion designing skills of Jean Paul Gaultier and in mere moments rejigs a baggy pantomime costume into a skin tight fashion statement!

  4. I really loved the “Leopard of Lime St”,I still do.Today I see it through an other angle:That there wasn’t any mystery concerning the death of Billy Farmer’s parents!
    And that the “Leopard” never had a significant event, a turning point throughout the series,like a girlfriend.And neither was a human ally to The Leopard.
    How about the fact that Billy’s aunt never noticed/suspected her nepheu being the Leopard ?
    Take a good look at Marvel’s X-Men and DC’s Teen Titans as well.They all matured,they moved on,and they became three dimentional heroes.But this never occured to The Leopard.