Sunday 2 August 2009

Hellman on the Russian Front

Art by Patrick Wright. Battle dated, 6th May, 1978. I always found PW's art a little disturbing. His photo-realistic style turned a comic strip into something, that at times, seemed a little too close to the real thing... It becomes more than just lines on paper. Maybe that's a good thing?


  1. The first strip of his I remember being particularly struck by was the one about neo-Nazis in postwar Germany in The Crunch - the realism of the artwork gave an extra depth to the story, which after all was based (to some degree) in reality - the Werewolves, NPD, fascist colonies in the South American jungle... Powerful stuff!

    His draughtmanship on Commando was always most impressive too.

  2. Thanks for the reply Bristle. Glad to know people are looking at the stuff I'm putting up here. :)
    I'll put some of PW's Crunch work on here in the future.


  3. Cheers for putting this up. A favourite from my childhood. Good point about the photo realistc art btw.