Saturday 24 June 2023


 A black and white illustration by Frank Bellamy. Not sure of the year... I assume it's from the early 70s?

Check out this cool Frank Bellamy website. And also visit Alan Davis' website where you'll find a haul of FB's work.

Big K

Ron Embleton paints the cover for issue one of Big K magazine April, 1984.


Sunday 11 June 2023


 I'm fairly sure that this is Brian Lewis. From the pages of Look-In, dated 23rd September 1972.


Thursday 28 April 2022

Killer in the Night

Jim Watson provides the illustrations for this text story published in Warlord, 10th May 1975.


Art by Mick Austin. From Rampage monthly, October 1981.


Wednesday 27 April 2022

Raff Regan

 Gerry Haylock provides the art for this issue of Boys World, dated 3rd October 1964.

Dangerous Friend

 Martin Asbury's spot illustrations for a text story in Countdown annual 1972.