Monday, 15 May 2017


Some excellent, gritty, war action from Mike Dorey. Battle, dated 1st April 1978.


Art by Mike Western. TV Express, dated November 11th 1961.

Ticket to Death

John Bolton illustrates a prose story. Baretta annual, 1978.

Art Droids

Go and treat yourself to some original art from the Art Droids site.

Dave Gibbons

Mike McMahon

(No, I'm not on commission.) ;)

Sword for Hire

Ian Kennedy provides the illustrations for a prose story. Hurricane annual 1973.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Charley's War

Original Joe Colquhoun art circa 1980. Well and truly liberated from the Compal auctions site. The last time I visited the Cartoon Museum in London they had some lovely Charley's War art on display.

Buy the books. Then ask Titan to reprint Charley's early WW2 adventures.

2000AD FCBD edition

Free Comic Book Day edition, 2017. Cover art by Mike Perkins.

RIP Steve Dillon.

Brett Ewins, Jamie Hewlett and Steve Dillon, 1988. From Down the Tubes.